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Manifest Your Life of Greatness (Soft Cover) - Author: Parizad Srivastava

Manifest Your Life of Greatness (Soft Cover) - Author: Parizad Srivastava

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From the Author

My name is Parizad Srivastava. I am a Certified Abundance Mindset Coach and Canfield Success Principles Trainer. I am also the author of the book Manifest Your Life of Greatness. In the book, I share the 15 Abundance Mindset Principles to transform your relationship with money.

These principles are universal and applicable to manifesting more abundance in every area of your life be it money, success, health, relationships, or fun!

I am very fortunate to have grown up in a family that practiced meditation and lived by the principles that govern our ability to manifest our life of greatness. Right from the very beginning of my life, I have been blessed to be surrounded by mentors who have modeled how to live a life in harmony with the Laws of Manifestation. Everything I share in the book is based on my first-hand experience

When I first started studying the law of attraction and the law of vibration, I immediately recognized their active use in my upbringing! Now my father had never formally studied these laws of manifestation, but he was a master at utilizing them. He lived them, and I realized that through his example, so had I.  

My father, a devout man with supreme faith in God, taught me to believe that God or the Universal energy was on my side and that I could become, get, learn, achieve anything I set my mind to. I just had to decide what I wanted and then go after it. He repeated this belief to be over and over again. His belief gave me my belief! 

A unique feature of this book is the contributions written by my daughter Jasmine who is 17 at this writing. It was such a joy to hear her share her experiences of living these principles in her own words and a blessing to be able to work with her, especially as we recorded the audiobook together. Jasmine is the third generation of proof that these Abundance Mindset Principles work!

The greatest gift a parent or caregiver can give a child is an empowering belief system! I was given the gift of an abundance mindset right from the start of my life. I strive to do the same for my children and I share many tips on how I do this in the book as well. This book is my way to pass on that gift, to you, and through you to the young people in your lives.

I am so happy to call my life's work to inspire and empower you to be everything you want to be, do everything you want to do, have everything you want to have, and most importantly be able to give what you want to give to your family and to the world.

This book is dedicated to my father and is my way of keeping his legacy alive and passing on the gift he gave me to the next generation. I hope it uplifts you and transforms your relationship with money.

From the Back Cover

"The Greatest Gift my father gave me was an Abundance Mindset!" ~ Parizad Srivastava

Each Abundance Mindset Principle shared in this book is an invitation to confront and challenge your relationship with money, to face your fears around money, to examine your attachment to money, to let go of your regrets around money and release the money blocks you may unconsciously have that repel abundance from coming and staying in your life.
It is time to transform your relationship with money so that you can attract more abundance in your life and pass on the gift of an abundance mindset to the next generation.

About the Author

Parizad is a Certified Abundance Mindset Coach and Canfield Success Principles Trainer and the Founder of Manifest Your Life of Greatness.
She is an author, a keynote speaker, and an Abundance Mindset Coach who offers in-person and digital workshops to clients from all over the world.
Having been a practitioner of meditation and the Law of Manifestation all her life, Parizad brings a unique perspective of having been brought up in a family practicing and implementing the Laws of Manifestation from the very beginning of her life as well as from the perspective of being a parent herself and bringing up her children with these principles.
Parizad lives in New Jersey, USA, with her husband Sanjeev and their two teenage daughters, Jasmine and Kesari.

Here is a fraction of what you will discover in the book:

- Why you ‘should’ be deeply in love with money ~ Page 9

- Why how you speak about money impacts how much money you attract in your life ~ Page 15

- What holding onto resentment has to do with your ability to manifest wealth ~ Page 40

- How you keep your wallet impacts how much you have in it. ~ Page 21 

-How your self talk impacts your ability to attract and keep money in your life ~ Page 28

- Why comparing your wealth with others comes in the way of manifesting wealth  ~ Page 65 

- How you can use your intuition to manifest abundance by doing what you love. ~ Page 46

- How ‘having enough’ comes from Giving ~ Page 72

- How to Believe before you Receive ~ Page 59

- Most people think of memory as a capacity to recall but did you know your memory has a forward function? Learn more on page 55

- What offering Gratitude has to do with manifesting abundance. ~ Page 90 (Hint: Everything)

- How do I know how much I need save for my present and future? Learn the simple rule I use calculate this for yourself. ~ Page 86

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