What is my dosha? What products can I use?

What is my dosha? What products can I use?

Great news...

You don't need to be fluent with Ayurveda to use our products or enjoy the benefits! We are connected to the Ayurvedic Community and work with highly renowned practitioners to help make products that improve your life regardless of your dosha. We consult the ancient books, "The Vedas" for time tested formulations to help find everyday balance.

Our products are primarily geared towards every type of dosha and harness an overall balance to help fill in gaps you may be missing in your current lifestyle. Most Ayurvedic formulations are made for all dosha types since we are made up of all three doshas. We do have some specific ones within our teas and massage oils that are geared to the doshas and named after the doshas. Once you know your dosha and have a better understanding we encourage you to select those products that match your dosha to help reinforce your balance.

If you are looking for dosha consultation, and looking to find what you need for personal balance, then we recommend a trained practitioner. If you need assistance finding a practitioner, feel free to reach out to us and we will steer you towards a practitioner in your region.

Visiting and consulting with a practitioner will help you find your individual needs and help you be more "in tune" with yourself.

We wish you peace, tranquility and balance in your life.

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